What’s in my yoga bag?

My tips for the aspiring, new age go-getter!

I love the fast-paced hustle of day-to-day life. There’s something so satisfying about simply getting things done. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably addicted to that uplifting surge you get by putting pen to paper and simply checking off box after box on your to-do list! Even though I’ve come to realize that I definitely possess an internal drive to make the most out of every day, even self-starters like myself benefit from the positive feedback that this basic exercise delivers.

For me, the only way to keep this hustle and grind sustainable is to plan, plan, plan. Sure, life can get hectic and unpredictable, but I find that if I set small goals and have a basic structure to my days, weeks, and months, I can adapt and overcome almost anything. And when all the hard work and planning finally come to fruition with success, no matter how big or small, this gives me a little confidence to keep it up. It’s not all success and go, go, go though. We all need a way to recharge our batteries and reset - my number one way to do this is through moving meditation.

What’s this, you may ask? For me, it’s yoga! Everyone is always looking for that single tip or shortcut to get them over the hump. Breaking news: there aren’t any! The truth isn’t pretty: grab your hard hat and lunch pail. It’s hard work, and requires chipping away to get after your goals. Recharging your batteries sounds simple, but I’ve found I really need to practice this aspect of my life too. Practicing yoga daily allows me to relax, focus on calming myself with my breath, and listening to my body. Even if it’s only for 10 or 20 minutes a day, you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t rave about the relaxation, calm, and confidence that a basic meditative yoga practice delivers.

I would love for you to add a yoga practice to your arsenal during your next busy week! When you’re planning and aligning all your puzzle pieces to fit yoga into your schedule, you might need a little cheat sheet to get started. All you need is a handful of basic tools for the job and a positive attitude! So, let’s take a look inside my yoga bag to see how you can get started! Let’s start with the basics. Some of these might seem like no-brainers, but no one wants to finish an amazing yoga sesh and then have to drive home and waste time to grab their forgotten necessity.

what's in my yoga bag @camleeyoga

1) Towel - obvious, duh. Shower up and feel refreshed! 2) Extra hair ties - we all know they always disappear in times of need. 3) Water bottle - stay hydrated to last the day! 4) An extra pair of yoga pants - who can have too many pairs? 5) Face wipes - you don’t always have time for a shower, so you gotta make sure you stay looking fresh!

6) Deodorant - so critical. Whether it’s during a light yoga class or with a busy day ahead, I need a deodorant that has odour protection on lock, and Secret deodorant is my go-to. While yoga helps me clear my mind, using this amazing little product gives me peace of mind! I already have a long list of things to worry about, but having this area under control gives me added confidence by letting me kick the worry of odour off this list! Not only does it preserve your goddess-like smell (I know you all smell great!), but it goes on clear and dry. I can’t stand those white marks! So simple, but such a life saver.

Here’s the proof! I am so excited to say goodbye to those terrible white marks on my clothes! And because  Secret  goes on clear and dry, I feel so much more comfortable without any residue on my skin!

Here’s the proof! I am so excited to say goodbye to those terrible white marks on my clothes! And because Secret goes on clear and dry, I feel so much more comfortable without any residue on my skin!

7) Headphones - you won’t be cranking up the beats during your yoga class, but I love getting into the zone prior to class with a sweet playlist. 8) Lip balm - all those deep inhales and exhales can really do a number! Make sure to give those lips some moisturizing care!

There you have it. I know you’re already crushing goals and taking names, but we can always swap notes and evolve! So, I hope you get out there and roll out your mat this week. I promise your mind will thank you.