Hi! I’m Cam Lee, a Vancouver based Blogger with a passion for healthy living and self-care.  

(B.ASc in Electronics Engineering, RYT 200, Aerial Yoga)

Cam is known for being a heavy chocolate and fruit consumer that is always looking for an excuse to go outside. Born in Malaysia and raised in the Pacific Northwest, she finds comfort drinking a cup of tea and camping amongst the great evergreens of home. She has a background in engineering, and is always looking for ways to create, design and inspire whether through visuals, movement, or health. 

Cam found her love for yoga after a taking a fall while outdoor climbing, leaving her with a broken leg. Through her injuries, Cam discovered a new perspective and insight into movement and health. Before she first tried yoga, Cam could not touch her toes and thought she never would. Over the years, Cam became hooked on yoga, and it has brought her a new sense of enlightenment and opened her up to things she never considered before.

Through practicing yoga, she has become aware of how much gratitude she has for all she has learned from others, and has a passion for sharing her joy and knowledge with those she encounters along the way. When teaching, she loves finding creative ways to help others push their boundaries and loosen those tight, hard to reach areas of the body. Whether it’s in structured time in the yoga studio, or sporadic moments on the living room floor, kitchen table, the car, or outside in the sunshine, Cam sees no end to where yoga can be incorporated into one’s life. 

Since she was a child begging her dad to use his camera and saving up her birthday money to buy her very own one, she has always had a natural affinity for photography. You can find her photographing everything from cups of tea to smiling faces, or moss on trees. She loves mixing this passion with yoga, and in her eyes there’s nothing better than capturing a moment of yoga serenity while situated in the natural beauty of the outdoors.

Want to get to know Cam? Great! Let’s connect. Cam always love meeting new people, so send her an email at camleeyoga@gmail.com, follow her on social media, or if you’re in Vancouver, she loves meeting for tea.        

Classes she teaches: Power Yoga, Restorative, Aerial Yoga, Flow, Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha & Hot Yoga